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RCAT State Contractor Membership Application


Thank you for your interest in joining RCAT! Use the form below to submit your RCAT Contractor Membership Application online. Upon submission you will receive a confirmation email requesting a copy of your general liability insurance certificate. Please return the required insurance document to begin the processing of your application. Membership is approved by the Board of Directors on a monthly basis.

MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Any established, TEXAS BASED, roofing/waterproofing contractor whose principal business has been roofing/waterproofing for a minimum of one (1) year is eligible for membership as a Contractor Member. CONTRACTORS MUST CARRY A MINIMUM OF $300,000 GENERAL LIABILITY INSURANCE. PROOF OF INSURANCE COVERAGE MUST ACCOMPANY MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FOR APPROVAL. 

SPONSORSHIP: Contractor membership applicants must be sponsored by both a current RCAT Contractor Member AND a RCAT Associate Member (Supplier/Manufacturer). If you need help with sponsorship put "needed" on the application and contact the RCAT office. Please list the name AND phone or email for each of your sponsor(s) where indicated on the application. We will contact and verify all sponsors prior to finalizing membership applications.

PAYMENT: Final membership approval is contingent upon payment of the annual dues as shown below. Upon receipt of payment a new member packet will be processed and your company will be added to the RCAT Membership Directory and website.

Please contact us at (512) 251-7690 if you have any questions or need help with securing existing member sponsorship.

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